AMCHAMDR assumes treasury of the National Entrepreneurship Network (RD-Emprende)



AMCHAMDR assumes treasury of the National Entrepreneurship Network (RD-Emprende)

  • The Government gave 25 million pesos to the Network for the development of the entrepreneurial industry.
  • When swearing in the new directive, Minister Ito Bisonó assured that entrepreneurship is the engine for economic growth and social development in the DR.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), swore in the new board of directors of the National Entrepreneurship Network (RD-Emprende), headed by the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE in spanish), in which the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR), will take care of the treasury. In the encounter, the MICM delivered 25 million pesos from the Financial Counterpart Fund for the Development of Entrepreneurship (CONFIE in spanish), a financing instrument that through calls grants loans to entrepreneurs and accompanies them to make grow their businesses.

During the event, held at the National Palace, Víctor Ito Bisonó stressed that entrepreneurship is an engine for sustainable economic growth and social development in the country, and contributes to the generation of employment and wealth.

"From the government and by instructions of President Luis Abinader, from the MICM we work every day to create opportunities, especially for the youngest, focused on activating and complying with the Law to promote the creation of jobs, jobs and more jobs" , he stated.

The head of the MICM pointed out that the election of the new board is a legitimate process that strengthens and adds value to the initiatives promoted by the ministry in favor of MSMEs and entrepreneurs.

For his part, Jaime Senior, president of Anje and recently elected president of RD-Emprende declared: "With this responsibility of representing RD Emprende, we reiterate our commitment to continue working together with the public sector to design public policies that guarantee that the The Dominican Republic is a country of opportunities for all and especially for young people”.

A sign that the government is taking firm steps to support the sector is evidenced by the implementation, for the first time, of Law 488-16, which brings together all the actors in the ecosystem to promote public policies aimed at promoting culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite the fact that said Law was promulgated in 2016, it is now when it is being complied with, guaranteeing the continuity of the State and the institutional framework.

“You are the leaders and role models who can inspire and guide other entrepreneurs, provide them with the necessary tools and resources to carry out their projects and companies. They are the promoters of a cultural change in which entrepreneurship is now valued and its impact on the development of the country is recognized,” said Bisonó.


The National Entrepreneurship Network, RD-Emprende, is a body attached to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), brings together 38 entities that share knowledge, experiences and resources to support the development of new projects and companies, especially those youth led.

Bisonó highlighted the information from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor that assesses the environment for entrepreneurship, regarding bureaucracy, government policies and access to commercial and professional infrastructure, a sector that has shown significant improvements since 2022, which demonstrates the commitment of the government of President Luis Abinader to implement initiatives that contribute to the creation of a solid and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He emphasized that the Government will continue to take firm steps to implement effective solutions, hand in hand and in dialogue with the different productive sectors, understanding that feasible solutions for long-term development are only possible with the backing and support of all.

RD-Emprende Directive

The new directive will be headed by the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE); Technological University of Santiago (UTESA), vice-presidency; American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), treasury; Dominican Municipal League, vocal, and the MICM under the direction of the technical secretariat.

"From the MICM we want to reiterate our commitment to work hand in hand with the RD-Emprende and all the organizations and people that are part of it, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation," said the minister.

Bisonó pointed out that the portfolio he directs is willing to continue listening to proposals and suggestions to support with resources and knowledge, in the development of new companies and projects.