Two dominican companies from the technological sector are the winners of the AMCHAMDR 2023 Startup Showcase



Two dominican companies from the technological sector are the winners of the AMCHAMDR 2023 Startup Showcase

Agro360 y Tagshelf will participate in the 2nd. Technological Mision eMerge 2023, in which they will represent the Dominican Republic in the next edition of eMerge Americas, in april, having the chance to win up to US$420,000 in capital inversion for their business. compre2829ss image 2 1

The winning startups were selected through an activity developed by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), held on this february 16 at the ProDominicana facilities, in which 10 shortlisted companies presented their projects in front of a jury of recognized professionals in the country's innovation and entrepreneurship industry.

Agro360, is a project led by Eddy Alvarado, which through the placement of sensors in crops and the development of a mobile application it can alert about the agricultural production process in products such as tomatoes and rice, generating water savings, identifying plants diseases, reducing the use of chemicals and providing greater profits for small farmers.

“The opportunity that this competition provides satisfies us, we saw it and we wanted to take advantage of it. Simply having the opportunity to be able to travel to Miami and be able to present our entrepreneurship with a global impact to potential investors and that this also allows us to grow in the DR is priceless”, assured Alvarado.


The “Tagshelf” project, a company developed by Raul Roa, was also the winner of this Startup Showcase. Tagsshelf acts as a data refinery capable of transforming any type of document into data for decision making, allowing potential clients to carry out complex processes with minimal investment.

“This Startup Showcase opens a range of opportunities for our company, in terms of capital investment, as well as customers, it is an opportunity to understand what others are doing, where we stand on innovation and continue refining our engine to continue fighting,” said Roa.


The representatives of each startup presented their business ideas in a maximum time of four minutes, and then answered the questions of the jury. The winning Dominican startups will be part of the select group of 100 of the best emerging companies worldwide, and will participate in an acceleration program, which will culminate in a grand final competition on April 20-21, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

This initiative is part of the work plan of the Entrepreneurship Commission that belongs to the AMCHAMDR Technology and Innovation Committee (CTI), which seeks to promote an entrepreneurial culture and connect to the innovation ecosystem with the aim of generating social and economic changes.

During the meeting, the executive vice president of the chamber, William M. Malamud, pointed out the importance of technological development and innovation for the strengthening and prosperity of the global economy of the 21st century.

"From AMCHAMDR we hope that this Startup Showcase 2023 will serve as a platform to promote your business proposals," said Malamud.

Also present was the president of the CTI of AMCHAMDR, Vivian Peña-Izquierdo, who highlighted the importance of the Dominican Republic positioning itself in world-class events such as eMerge Americas.

"These two startups will participate in a fast track program to be prepared to pitch at eMerge Americas and have the opportunity to be one of the five finalists among a total of 100 Startups that will be presented on the main stage of the fair," said Peña.

The protagonists

Despite the fact that only two companies were selected for this Startup Showcase, other startups submitted their proposals: Virtual Doc, Manova Aviation, Alcancia Labs, Unworktify, Botcity, Extinguisher 360, Plant Powered and Botpro.

The judges

For this important event we were accompanied by three juries specialized in innovation and startups, who were responsible for evaluating all the participants and choosing the winners of the AMCHAMDR Startup Showcase.

The first is George Nader, founder and CEO of Nader Enterprise, we were also accompanied by Pablo García, executive director of ENLACES and the president of our AMCHAMDR Technology and Innovation Committee, Vivian Peña-Izquierdo.

The event was possible thanks to the support of the brands that make up the AMCHAMDR Elite Circle: AES Dominicana, Altice Dominicana, Barrick Pueblo Viejo, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, Citi, HIT Puerto Río Haina, Humano, Inicia, Grupo Martí, Grupo Puntacana, Groupo Rica, Group SID and Squire Patton Boggs. It was also sponsored by Prodominicana, Indotel, Banco Popular, Banco BHD and Banreservas.

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